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10 most bizarre sexual practices in the world.

We continue to study the most unusual and interesting sexual traditions of the world.

Papua – New Guinea

Beatings and mutilations were accompanied by the ritual of courtship at tralliance inhabiting Trobrian Islands to Papua-New Guinea. Special ceremonies for the young men danced and sang songs in front of the girls, assessing their abilities. Defining the elect, the girl was attacking him with a bamboo knife or sharp shell, trying to hurt and cause pain. It was believed that the fiercer the attack was, the temperamental girl will be in bed. Check it out the young men was able on the same night, unless, of course, did not prevent the loss of blood.


Unusual tradition associated with the incest that occurred kagaba tribe in Northern Colombia. The incest here was considered a felony, punishment for which was… the repetition of the sexual act. The only difference – for the second time, the male seed had to collect, wrap in a cloth and transferred to the priest. He, in turn, passed on this gift of the spirit of sexuality. After this misconduct was considered redeemed.


Before you ask the parents of his girlfriend for her hand, the young man was to engage her in sexual intercourse. The situation was complicated by the fact that it must be done secretly and was definitely in the bride’s house, where besides the girls were all her relatives. If hiding in the house of the groom caught at the crime scene, he could score half to death. If all went well, on the morning of the bride’s father blessed the young.

The Congo, Zaire

In these African countries, girls religiously took care of her virginity before the wedding. Honor commitment – to deprive of virginity of the bride before marriage — had the chief of the tribe. Interesting fact that if he could not cope with this important task, then immediately lost power. The tribe elected a new, more responsible and temperamental leader.


Barbaric method (called infibulation) preserve the girls virginity before marriage in Sudan. During the ceremony, the causal place is cut and then sewn together so as to leave only a small opening for urinating. The operation was carried out publicly and without anesthesia: the girl’s relatives tried to drown out her screams with their cries. Years later, after the wedding, had to re-do the operation – cutting, so that she could start sexual life with her husband.


Italy, France

In the late middle ages popular in Europe enjoyed a “chastity belt” (or “Venetian lattice”). According to records they first appeared on sale in the markets in the Italian town of Bergamo. Metal construction with lock closed the lower part of the female body – from the waist to the pelvis, thus preventing sex. Only a small hole for natural purposes were often fortified with barbed wire. The key was kept by a jealous husband clad girls.


To our days in Egypt and some other Islamic countries there is the custom defloration ceremony public. According to tradition, during the wedding ritual of the husband himself must break hymens future wife. It must be done with the index finger, wrapped with a white cloth. Red, which is colored in the matter, testifies to the purity of the bride. From this moment a woman is obliged to wear a veil and show her face only wife.


In Japan there is still the cult of the male sexual organ. So, on the fertility of Kanamara holiday Matsuri taken to carry through the streets a giant phalluses made of papier-mache. It also sells figurines, ornaments, toys, candy canes and other objects of phallic form. Men flaunt in costumes and masks. Sexual contact during the holidays are particularly sophistication and passion.


Amazing customs, to be exact – the laws relating to sex exist in the US today. For example, in Florida the law is officially allowed only missionary position. In Utah for premarital sex partners can get up to six months in prison. In Oregon it is forbidden to swear during lovemaking, and in Nebraska it is forbidden to have sex in dirty underwear. Fortunately, violations in this area rarely deal in court.