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Attractions of Korea

Seoul is an ultra – modern and appealingly ancient city. Almost wiped off the face of the earth during the Korean War, he was almost completely rebuilt after the 50-ies. Towering in the middle of the 12 lane highways, overpasses, shaded, Seoul has a deeply hidden history of centuries-old temples, palaces, pagodas and peaceful gardens. There are very cheap hotels, great public transportation and plenty of cultural entertainment, so most of the tourists coming to South Korea, never leave its borders. The Han river cuts through the town, forming regions: Jung-GU, Central, Jongno -GU (where is the most public hotels and sights) to the North and Itaewon (filled with shops and bars) in the South.

Seoul is deservedly famous for its palaces. Gyeongbokgung Palace is the most famous. Built in the early Qing dynasty Joseon, 500 almost all of the Palace buildings were destroyed during the occupation by the Japanese. Restored in the late 19th century, the Palace was destroyed again during the Korean War and then restored again. The Palace consists of several buildings, here is one of the most beautiful pagodas in the country and a majestic two-storey throne room. The national folk Museum in the Palace tells about the life of the Korean people for centuries. Another notable Palace is the Palace of Changgyeonggung . built in 1104. Once it was the summer Palace of the rulers, the Japanese turned it into a Park, but there remained plenty of evidence of the dynasty Deoreo such as astronomical instruments, a Botanical garden and stone bridges. Opposite the Palace, across the footbridge is the Jongmyo Shrine, where the record of birth of all the 27 kings of the dynasty Joseon.

If you are interested to talk with the locals, go to the South-West of Changgyeonggung Tapgol to the Park, where you’ll meet a lot of good-natured elderly people sitting around and conversing about the weather. This is the place where was first read the Declaration of Independence in 1919, and murals around the Park are dedicated to liberation movement of the Korean people. The Park is named after the marble pagoda (tapgol), located on its territory. Another major Park in the city is Namsan, South of the city centre. The third highest tower in the world, the Seoul Tower is in a Park, where you can enjoy a variety of activities – a visit to the aquarium, games room and observation deck. For more serious impressions you can visit the War memorial, Northwest of Yongsan military base, considered one of the best museums in Seoul.

National treasure Gates are Namdaemun . once the main city gate of Seoul. The gate built in the 14th century, located near Seoul railway station. Their thoroughness and quiet elegance makes them an island in the sea of traffic. Full contrast is Lotte world, an example crazy entertainment industry. This is located to the South of the river entertainment complex has a skating rink, a hotel, a pool is created in the likeness of Disney land Playground Lotte world, is a place for a family holiday. In the city center is the most state-owned hotels, and in Jung-GU – there are many private hotels of the middle class. In Itaewon wealthy tourists will find something suitable. You can buy cheap Korean food in Department stores in the city center, but if you are not a Breakfast food, you can buy coffee and donuts at 7-Elevens all across the city. Those who want to dance the night away should head to Itaewon or Gangnam. If you prefer to sit quietly over a glass of wine, the best pubs can be found near the metro station Shinchon.

Located an hour and a half drive from Seoul, Panmunjom is a truce village, founded at the end of the Korean war on the 38th parallel, separating North and South Korea. This village is still the subject of ongoing negotiations between the UN and North Korean representatives. Travel companies from Seoul offer a seven-hour excursion in this demilitarized zone. But travelers who are going here should adhere to a certain style of clothing – no jeans, sandals, shorts or uncombed hair. Contacts with soldiers from the North Korean side is strictly prohibited. During this trip, visitors must have a passport.