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Coffee tradition

Coffee world is unified, and at the same time has many faces. Every nation, loving and appreciating this wonderful drink, creatively approached the process of coffee consumption, using their own tastes and cultural traditions. That’s why in every country you will be treated to a Cup of coffee, but his Cup of coffee, special. Japan

The Japanese are known for their commitment to the national no 1 drink green tea, which is brewed and drunk by ancient Buddhist traditions. But, despite a sincere love for green tea, more and more Japanese people do not bypass their attention and coffee. In Japan mostly drink instant coffee, which was appreciated by many millions of Japanese clerks. What else but a Cup of strong coffee, can raise energy levels, clear the mind, and give strength for new feats of labor? Coffee machines can be seen on most busy Japanese streets – put in a coin, and in a minute you can enjoy a Cup of drink. The Japanese don’t like strong roast, so cappuccino and espresso are not popular with. Japanese cafe offers a variety of coffee drinks – the options coffee with cream, syrup, and even ice. Don’t be alarmed if the bill for a nice Cup of coffee will make about 50 dollars, Japan is expensive country, moreover, in a cafe you pay not only for quality coffee, but also for a place.

The Japanese, known for its creative streak, not paid attention to the medicinal properties and coffee. In Japanese spas, offers an innovative procedure – dip in a bath filled with hot coffee beans mixed with slices of pineapple. It is believed that this procedure refreshes, rejuvenates and recharges for a long time vitality.

About how respectful the Japanese are towards coffee, by the fact that Japan is the only country where coffee Day – official holiday on the calendar!


Coffee in Italy is not just a drink, it’s a lifestyle. No true Italian can live without 3-6 cups of coffee a day, and the number varies depending on the level of temperament and health, because with age, many Italians go to the so-called decaffenato, coffee, containing caffeine. Cup of coffee the Italians often replaces Breakfast and lunch and serves as a fuel that they run their southern temperament and exuberant Mediterranean energy. Authentic Italian espresso, with rich concentrated flavors and aroma, almost to the bottom of the Cup may become one of the brightest impressions of Italy.


In Iraq and respect traditionally drink tea. Coffee to but the Iraqis are treated with the same respect. Coffee is traditionally served in coffee houses, where traditionally enjoys spending time male part of the population of Iran. Coffee is a drink of communication, after which Iraqi men love to leisurely discuss the latest political news, his favorite football team, and married the neighbor. The waiter delivers the coffee, which, like swarnalatha, fills the small porcelain Cup visitors. As a rule, in coffee shops, it is customary to drink three cups, to order more is considered indecent.


India are the traditional “tea” countries. Indeed, the Indians love and appreciate tea. But in some regions of India coffee is appreciated no less. For example, in South India also often drink coffee and tea. And southerners invented a special southern recipe of flavored drink. Coffee beans are roasted, finely grind and add palm sugar. To the mixture was added water and cooked on a special stove. Once the coffee is ready, add hot milk and serve immediately.


Coffee for the Austrians – a natural attribute of their lives, which, it seems, was with them always. Coffee culture in Austria, it is primarily the culture of coffee houses, many of which are famous for their interiors and great visitors. The first coffee house was opened in 1863, and since then Austria has earned the reputation of being the best European “coffee house”. Many tourists come to Vienna including to visit the famous Vienna cafe. Historic interior, tall Windows, marble tables and Newspapers from all over the world and a Cup of coffee that can be enjoyed as a work of art – all this awaits the visitor in the many cafes of Vienna. Every Viennese has their own favorite cafe in Vienna there is even a saying: “Tell me, what’s your favorite cafe, and I’ll tell you who you are”. What kind of coffee is respected Viennese? Among the favorite: espresso, espresso with milk, as well as melange: double espresso, with the addition of frothed hot milk, topped with cocoa powder on top.

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