Chinese people tradition

Exotic Chinese kitchen

Exotic Chinese kitchen

Today we will talk about the secret to a country that has more than 5,000 years of history, about the colorful and exotic Chinese cuisine. Experience Chinese cooking truly enormous, and for more than 150 years does not change its traditions. One of the main features of the Chinese food culture is its archaic structure that has been established for many, many years ago, remains unchanged, as a mathematical formula, to challenge and to prove once again that no one will undertake this culinary formula memorize chefs from generation to generation until today.

Regional cuisine

Chinese cuisine is divided into eight species according to the regions: Guangdong (Cantonese), angeliska, puttanesca, Hunan, Shandong, Sichuan, Zhejiang and Jiangsu cuisine. Chinese catering establishments differ from Europe that they have no portion of the flow. Coming in a cafe or restaurant, the Chinese bought 3-4 hot meals, snacks and rice, which is the main side dish, regardless of region. In addition to rice as a side dish the Chinese also eat noodles and sometimes scones. The people of China love to go to restaurants for any occasion, even a modest family holiday, which, by our standards it is possible to note a tea house, will lead to noisy fun in a public place.


If you compare Chinese cuisine with a European, the latter is clearly losing. Combining products with cold and warm, calm and vibrant energy, the Chinese have created many culinary schools have developed specific methods of processing of vegetables, fruits and meat, invented special dishes and more. The process of cooking transferred to the rank of high art and is not the composition of the products, and in particular the specifics of their combinations and cooking. About this and much more will be happy to tell any tutor for Chinese language lessons in a language school.

Unlike European dishes, soups in China, it is customary to eat several times a day, and always at the end of the meal. The soup (broth) made from transparent chickens or animal bones. The bread itself is not usually the main dish eating donuts from unleavened dough (turned out), or pies of flaky pastry stuffed (baozi).

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China is an ancient country with rich history, unique traditions and special food culture. Chinese cuisine is an integral part of life in China. It is popular in many countries around the world. Chinese food has its own story and is unique, multiple cooking options, unusual, unique taste, appearance and aroma of dishes.

The history of cooking in China has depended on a number of regional characteristics and geographic location. But despite the diversity and differences, some of the rules of preparation was unchanged. Food should be not only delicious, but also useful, and in some cases, therapeutic. In ancient times, the chef could be a physician and a pharmacist on equal terms. Much attention is paid spicy herbs that have healing effect.

Traditions of Chinese cuisine

Products used in Chinese cuisine, is traditionally divided into two categories: “basic” and “advanced”. -The first group were treated grains, which have always formed the basis of the diet of the Chinese. In ancient times the main grain crops in China were millet, oats and barley, from the era of ancient empires pushed them wheat, and later also of paramount importance — at least in southern China bought the rice. Not by chance in the Chinese language the word rice has also acquired the meaning of food in General -The category of “additional food” took a variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Most commonly used in Chinese cuisine meat was pork (special were considered a delicacy pig’s feet). Freshwater fish, the greatest demand is carp and sea bass, and sea salmon, flounder, tuna. Vegetables and spices are so numerous that it is impossible briefly to enumerate. All in all, the menu of Chinese cuisine, there are about five thousand dishes.

Tools and equipment

What are the tools and utensils often try us for cooking Chinese cuisine?

Across East Asia iron skillet with a spherical convex bottom are basic cookware because of its versatility: in a pot can be fried, ritrovati, stewing and steaming. For example, an Indian tribe Voka Carchi has a similar form and is also designed for a multitude of culinary operations, from frying to cooking steam dishes.

Chopsticks Chopsticks are of two types: short, about 25 cm to eat out of bowls or trays, and long (35 cm) made of bamboo, used for whipping eggs or mixing sauces.

Chinese cuisine is one of the most exquisite cuisines in the world

Chinese culinary art perfected over almost three millennia. Among a number of palatial ceremonies that regulate the life of the Chinese emperors, a significant part is occupied by the rituals of direct relevance to food and everything connected with it. The order of serving dishes, table setting, apparel servants waited on at the table, and even the music being played during the meal, was strictly regulated. According to Chinese Chronicles, from 4 thousand courtiers, one of the Chinese emperors of the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 ad), more than half were engaged in issues related to food and drink. The secrets of cooking many dishes have not changed since that time, as their names, to decipher which often need to look at history “dragon Heart”, “Sky pool”, “Liver bars” – all this amused taste of the “Sons of heaven” – Emperor, and are now ready to offer in restaurants Europeans.