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Japanese mom comes to the Barber shop with his little son. First, the toddler waits patiently for her to finish all the procedures, and then, unable to bear the boring waiting, begins to open jars of creams and draw on the mirror intricate patterns.

All the time

The period of “permissiveness” the kid just continues to 5 years. Until this age the Japanese treat the child “like a king”, from 5 to 15 years – “like a slave”, and after 15 – “as equals”. It is believed that a fifteen year old is already an adult who knows his duties and follows the rules perfectly. This is the paradox of Japanese education: from the child, which the child said to him, grows a disciplined and law-abiding citizen. But hurry with the transfer of Japanese methods of education in the Russian reality is not worth it. It would be wrong to consider them in isolation from the worldview and lifestyle of the Japanese. Yes, young children in this country allow all, but in 5-6 years, the child falls into a very rigid system of rules and regulations that clearly prescribe how to act in a given situation. Not to obey them is impossible, because all so do, and to do otherwise means “to lose face”, to appear outside the group. “Everything has its place” – one of the basic principles of the Japanese worldview. And children learn it from an early age.

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Art – abstract. The author obviously never been to Japan, and if it was, then passing through. Live here already 14th year, and having pedagogical education, worked for a long time in education. Very much of the above does not correspond to modern Japanese reality.

Permissiveness in preschool age by no means universally practiced. Saw a lot of examples as “reasonably strict” parenting and, conversely, “inadequately rigorous” education. Parents, family education, respectively, too. As children. And cry, and cry, and isterât in public places, not ashamed of anyone around. In General, all as always.

Now mom, on the contrary, tend to quickly go to work – this is partly why in “hotwani” and “Etienne” (crèches, kindergartens) are huge queues. The situation sometimes reaches the point of absurdity in pre-school institutions with a grade a reputation or higher, most often in private, in big cities – there can “bounce” of the child for the reason that it has already been typed a certain number of children with the same name. (Try to make sure that one group didn’t have children with the same name.) People joke that you have to get in line almost at the onset of pregnancy.

Kindergartens are equipped differently, depending on budget. Public – Yes, very humble. Semi-private (partially funded by city) can be very private and even impress. The educational program also may vary from kindergarten to kindergarten, with a child involved thoroughly, but somewhere it is left to itself (the latter is often observed in the state).

Yes, really: a woman, sacrificing for her work in favor of the child, not convicted, – the Japanese effect described in the article traditions easier to refer to such examples. But all these traditions are rapidly fading. Actively are being revamped insurance system and the social system.assist disabled so that more people walked to work, and, in particular, to reduce the number of unemployed women. So to go back to work a year after childbirth is considered the norm.

The only thing that does not change is the guideline for staff in education and training.

Japan is a great economic power.Imitation of Russian,first of all expressed in the wonderful genre of”ENKA”,copying the beautiful old Russian romances.But,most shocking is.the Japanese aspiration to perfect purity,and it is expressed throughout,from clean, white starched aprons,put on the food,which is very nice,ironed to be sure,beautiful expensive clothes.Just awesome!

In Japan, a high percentage of suicides among students. Not so instructive.

We, Russians, have much to learn from our Eastern neighbor.

Japan is a country fujimiya,Fuji,which in the 70-ies

the beginning of”crumbling”and demanding”gluing”(increased the weight

20 tons)is located(in”ezotericheskoe”terminology)