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Holidays Japan

The idea of the project originated in 2006 after visiting Japan. Inspired by the imagery and spirit of modern Tokyo, we wanted to bring a small part of Japan in Moscow.

Primarily, our eyes were on Tokyo street fashion, how people dress and how to live with it, as selected images. For the younger part of Japan and especially in Tokyo is very important as you look and before you leave the house to the street carefully chosen outfit. Then how the Japanese are able to combine, as it would seem different at first glance, the styles, probably impossible to repeat any of the Europeans. We are very interested in fashion and local brands, which are almost only in Japan and nowhere else in Europe. We decided to start with Japan Fashion Week and chose 5 Japanese brands for store – ATO, Mintdesigns, Theatre Products, Tiny and Taishi Nobukuni Dinosaur.

In November of 2007. we opened our store in Petrovsky Boulevard, in the Studio of Alexander Petlyura, where he immediately attracted the attention of ordinary people and the creative crowd. Continuing the idea of Japanese spirit, we decided to celebrate Japanese holidays in the store, such as Setsubun – the day of the onset of spring on the lunar calendar, called Hana-Matsuri, the girls festival in Japan, O-Hanami – a celebration of the beginning of the flowering cherry, Higan – autumn equinox day and others. All the holidays we try to spend in accordance with Japanese tradition.

In July of 2008. we moved to Teatralny proezd d. 3 – in the center of Moscow, in a historic building – a monument of architecture of 19 century, the former Central baths. It is a place with a unique history and spirit.

In November of 2011. renovation of the store, the trade area has increased in 2 times.


From the beginning our concept has been designated as art+fashion and brands are selected based primarily on their creative component. Many of the designers represented in the store, it’s not just fashion, but primarily artists. Every show is a performance. It is brands such as ANREALAGE, BERNHARD WILLHELM, HENRIK VIBSKOV, MINTDESIGNS.

In addition, AIR is planning to organize an exhibition of contemporary Japanese artists, and also to bring young Japanese musicians.


Japan is a country that inspires. Of course, it is the most advanced technology. But most of all what strikes you in Japan, it’s people, their relationships, relationships to others, to nature. The Japanese remain children throughout their lives and they like to play. They are not afraid to experiment with themselves and their minds open. And this is certainly reflected in the clothes.


Contemporary Japanese fashion is very versatile, ranging from cartoon characters to monsters and the Japanese fashion industry, such as YAMAMOTO, MYAKE, KAWAKUBO.

To find a girl dressed in a fun pink tutu Lolita and a strict jacket Comme des Garcons. This combination of styles is found everywhere, but not look gaudy, but quite the opposite. All accessories are selected with very great care. In AIR, we try to bring brands that you won’t buy nikgda neither in Russia, nor in Europe, but it’s meaningful brands in the domestic Japanese market and are very popular in Japan, it brands such as NOZOMI ISHIGURO, PHENOMENON, ATO, AKIRA NAKA, MINTDESIGNS, THEATRE PRODUCTS, and many others. NOZOMI ISHIGIRO – as designer, spent 12 years in Comme des Garcons and creating unique items, with an amazing cut and prints. ATO Matsumoto worked in Dior Homme. His clothes – a stylish urban chic with a follow-up activity elements and details. Dizanera MINTDESIGNS – a very romantic nature, and their design plays a huge role tissue. They first of all create the fabric, and then, on its basis, its romantic images. All Japanese designers presented in AIR, unique. While working with them, we have noticed a trend, those things that we brought 2 years ago, are now becoming the trends in European fashion.


In AIR has become a Japanese tradition to celebrate the holidays and spend almost every Thursday an event called FRIENDLY on THURSDAY. Holiday is a very important event for Japanese people and as a rule, most Japanese holidays are associated with the forces of nature – the beginning of spring, the cherry blossoms, the autumn equinox… They reflect the thinking of the Japanese. We also believe these days are important for life and so celebrating them together with the Japanese. THURSDAY is a friendly FRIENDLY gatherings with friends and everyone under the pleasant music. These days we spend shooting the lookbooks, presentations of new brands, impromptu shows or just watching an interesting Japanese cinema or anime.