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Interesting facts about Japan

Japan — a very interesting country with many traditions, and rules of behavior, unusual for a Western man.

The most interesting facts about Japan :

1. Japanese aristocrats dyed their teeth black until the beginning of the twentieth century married women the durability of the blackening of the teeth was compared with the faithfulness and affection in marriage.

2. AIBA («double tooth) — a phenomenon not so long ago began to gain popularity among Japanese teenagers. While the whole world spends millions of dollars on the alignment of the teeth, the Japanese have created a special lining on the teeth, which cause them to act slightly out of his mouth.

3. In Japan one of the world’s lowest crime rates. While 99% of the courts end in convictions. The Japanese have still imposed the death penalty, which is usually done by hanging. An interesting fact about the upcoming death penalty sentenced notified just hours prior to its conclusion — even family was not allowed to know the exact date of execution in advance, and reported it after already committing. Sometimes prisoners live literally as the last day for several years awaiting execution.

4. In Japan it’s considered impolite to blow your nose on people, but to sniff at business negotiations — this is normal.

5. During Japanese weddings, the bride changes at least three times: first, she in a white national dress, then dons a red kimono, a symbol of joy, and by the end of the evening, dressed in ordinary European wedding dress. The head of the bride tied a triangular scarf that hides a woman’s “horns of jealousy”.

6. In Japan also there are interesting sexual traditions. So, there is a festival dedicated to the fertility of manhood: men come in suits, part of which are of huge penises, made of papier-mache. Calm in normal times, they are having fun and screaming running around the streets for women.

7. In Japan, is praised not only the male sex organs, but female. In this holiday parade, which demonstrates the huge model of the vagina. It sneaked up the street, and sometimes open. Then sitting inside the girl throws the rice cakes that catch people on the streets. Well, every five years in this country goes through a special ceremony, during which the displayed image, both male and female genitals.

8. The Japanese attach importance to the same blood group, as we the signs of the zodiac. Blood group is determined by the compatibility of partners, and the Newspapers even publish a kind of «horoscope» for the representatives of each of the blood groups.

9. In modern Japan it is considered very indecent to kiss in the people. This is why you almost never see a kiss in a Japanese film. What in the world is called Japanese kiss, is performed thus: stand on one-step distance from each other, then lean forward, craning their lips, touch their lips partner. Mouth when it is in any case not to open!

10. Academic year in Japan begins in early April and consists of trimesters. The first trimester ends on 20 July, after which the children leave for summer vacation. Second trimester goes from 1 September to the end of December, and 3rd – January to March. The transition from one class to another is carried out during a one-week spring break.

The profession of a school teacher in Japan was originally a male. Women among the Japanese teachers is less than half.

In most schools of Japan there are no canteens, and the children have lunch right in the class.

11. In Japan it is customary to accept gifts with two hands only.

12. In Japan you can not step booted foot on straw-mats “tatami” is regarded as a sacrilege. You should also change shoes in special Slippers before and after using the toilet.

13. Though Japan does not celebrate international women’s day in March, but pampers its women two holidays: March 3 – celebrate the Festival of girls, and March 14 to celebrate White day, when women receive presents from their sweethearts, whom they bestowed on Valentine’s Day.

14. In Japan tipping is not accepted. The Japanese, due to their age-old traditions and mentality, believe that it is good to serve the guests — it is their duty, and offer a tip in the expectation that the service will be delivered is better perceived as an insult.

15. Japanese have a special tradition, dedicated to admiring red maple leaves (Momiji). This phenomenon is almost the same popularity as spring and the tradition of admiring the Sakura flowers.