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Japanese cartoons weird or a separate culture?

If you ask the average person of Mature age, what is anime, he probably will answer that it is Japanese cartoons with strange characters that look more like aliens than people. We cannot say that this opinion is absolutely wrong – unnaturally large eyes and mouth and nose in the form of actually two hyphens really do “anime” heroes similar to the traditional image of space aliens. But the fact that anime – it’s just a kids cartoon from “the land of the rising sun”, is not entirely true.

What is anime?

The word “anime” really comes from the English animation. In Japan it refers to any animation regardless of country of origin. But when animation, taken by the Japanese, is exported, it automatically turns to the world in the anime and characteristic features of the genre:

a wide variety of subjects and formats – Japanese animation releases the product for all categories of the population: for the little removed kodomo, for boys – TV series seen, the brightest example of which may become the anime “Naruto”, for adolescent girls is meant Shoujo. Also there is a category for 18+, referred to as “hentai”;

common stylistic details – a constant symmetry and even aesthetics of exaggerated characters and features, adopted in the first half of the twentieth century, the disney animators – it is they that Japanese artists have borrowed huge, expressive eyes maximum;

figure in Japanese animation has a rather low realism, the movement depicted is not too detailed, and the characters expression of emotion is through the eyes and a certain set of established templates;

the creation of the anime precedes the manga – the Japanese equivalent of comics, which is actually a finished cartoon in pictures. Exactly the manga was the original source of the culture of anime. There are opinions that the first prototypes of Japanese comics appeared a few centuries ago. In Japan they are considered not just drawn stories for children, and as a fine art, very respected in society.

Where does this strange love?

Japanese civilization was isolated from the influences of the Western world until the mid NINETEENTH century that directly influenced the scale of values in this nation. It seriously differs from the familiar that makes anime so specific to Western eyes. Characteristic of the Japanese people a more relaxed attitude towards violence and eroticism in comparison with the usual position of the Christian society, clearly seen in anime, which is often removed for an adult audience.

In addition, full-length anime often referred to hand-drawn films with a full story line, which can address the very serious moral and ethical issues. This makes it so popular among the younger generation of intellectuals, but also gives him the opportunity to compete with the masterpieces of Western cinema.

Another reason is the almost phenomenal popularity of the anime – that his usefulness as a separate cultural phenomenon. In addition to animated TV series, “panametric” and manga, a huge demand of various anime games. the creativity of fans, the products using images from Japanese animation and etc. Different series and feature-length cartoons in this style have achieved such notoriety at the global level, even among the teenage and youth generation to watch their became simply fashionable.

Fans of Japanese animation and related works gradually created a whole subculture movement called cosplay. The word it stands for costume play, which translated to English means “costume play”. Main hobby representatives of this subculture – dressing up in your favorite character, or rather, a complete transformation in him. The hero must be similar not only in appearance, copy his speech and habits, to pick up the costume, makeup and wig with full identity, but also to resemble him in the shower – at least, so say the true fans “cosplay”.

The fascination with Japanese animation culture in the domestic territories from year to year increases, although the magnitude is comparable to the cult of anime in his country. In Japan there are even specialized retail outlets and whole markets that sell props for cosplay, and various themed products. Perhaps some would call it real insanity and silly escape from reality in cartoons, however is actually that the passion for anime – one of the most beautiful and harmless hobby, we offer you contemporary culture.