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Jewelry heritage

Jewellery exhibition in China

Jewelry heritage

The jewelry exhibition in China sent a lot of fans of fine and expensive goods, representatives of the companies and trading firms. In 2019 with exclusive jewelry and accessories can be found in Beijing and Hong Kong. Jewelry stores in China together representatives of the profession from around the world and give the opportunity to assess the achievements of jewelry craftsmen, to establish trade and business relations, to learn interesting moments.

Return statement pearl its popularity in China?

As China grows its own marine and freshwater molluscs, jewelry brands can overcome long-term failures in the supply chain, if you will trade pearls at the local level. This helps them to solve the problems of inventory management, to overcome the problems of logistics and transportation, to regulate the export and to deal with the tariff increase, which increases production costs. But the reality is that pearl has somewhat lost its popularity. Some fashion brands are trying to change this situation, introducing innovative marketing strategy.

The exhibition “the Art of gold, 3000 years of Chinese treasures”

The exhibition will shed light on 3000 years of Chinese craftsmanship with gold and will be the third exhibition L’école in its permanent location in “K11 Museum” in Hong Kong. The latest exhibition from L’école called “the Art of gold, 3000 years of Chinese treasures” is an exhibition dedicated to the mysterious world of rubies and sapphires – this time, visitors are invited to discover some of the fascinating techniques of the masters of the Golden business.

The most striking jewelry of the season

One of those rare brands that in this difficult season showed its new collection of high jewelry is not online, and in person, was Dior. However, the presentation was not organized in the framework of the high fashion Week in Paris, as usual, and the action moved to Shanghai, where in late July, organized a private dinner (and at the same time the exhibition was opened by the blockbuster Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, who moved to China after Paris and London). The name of the collection Tie & Dior — a reference to the popular technique of dyeing fabrics tai Dai, and jewelry, combining abstract and asymmetrical shape and bright colors fit in with the aesthetics of selected creative Director of jewellery directions Dior Victoire de Castellane for two previous high-collections — Gem Dior and Dior et Moi.

Each nation has portrayed his ideas about aesthetics and beauty of a woman. They appear most clearly in art. Quite interesting from this point of view to look at the jewelry industry of China, the country is mainly associated in most people with the mass production of replicas of well-known brands. However, contrary to popular stereotypes, the goldsmith from China create unique masterpieces, permeated with Eastern philosophy and striking magnificence.

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