Exotic Chinese kitchen
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Exotic Chinese kitchen

Today we will talk about the secret to a country that has more than 5,000 years of history, about the colorful and exotic Chinese cuisine. Experience Chinese cooking truly enormous, and for more than 150 years does not change its traditions. One of the main features of the Chinese food culture is its archaic structure […]

Jewelry heritage
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Jewelry heritage

Jewellery exhibition in China The jewelry exhibition in China sent a lot of fans of fine and expensive goods, representatives of the companies and trading firms. In 2019 with exclusive jewelry and accessories can be found in Beijing and Hong Kong. Jewelry stores in China together representatives of the profession from around the world and […]

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Asian crafts

Festival Central Asian crafts The festival has its own special application: award ceremony and exhibition of works by winners of the international contest “the UNESCO seal of excellence for handicraft products” Central Asia – 2010 master classes for three types of Kazakh folk crafts, and, of course, the crafts fair of masters Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, […]

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Japanese popular music

Japanese folk music is quite original phenomenon owing to the isolation of the Islands of the Rising Sun and careful attitude of the people inhabiting them to their culture. Consider first some Japanese folk musical instruments, and then characteristic of the musical culture of that country genres. Japanese folk musical instruments Shamisen is one of […]