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Pain-in-lower-right-abdomen-and-top-of-leg, more often than not, pain in the lower right abdomen is nothing to worry about and will go away on its own in a day or two. this includes gas, indigestion, or cramps. the pain may also be due to a .... When the pain is specific to the lower right abdomen, appendicitis is one of the most common causes. the appendix is a tube-like structure attached to the large intestines., many of these symptoms are sounding like chronic appendicitis - look it up. there have been many case-studies of abnormal presentations, especially in regards to white blood cell counts, levels and location of pain, lack of 'classic' symptoms (ie still able to eat comfortably, no abdominal rigidity or rebound tenderness)..

Lower right abdominal pain causes can be different from lower-left and other locations in the abdomen. specifically, sharp pain in the lower right could mean appendicitis, which is very common. otherwise, as with other areas of the abdomen, brief pain can be caused by gas and constipation. more severe, often extended, symptoms and causes include kidney stones, breach of the abdominal wall ..., doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: dr. mccarren on pain in lower right abdomen and down leg: it can be a bladder infection, a hernia, inflammation or infection of the intestine, or less commonly, appendicitis. pain from abdomen can be referred to the thigh, so it feels like the thigh is hurting, but the source of the pain is really higher up..

Pain in the lower right abdomen near the hip bone can be caused by many conditions, ranging from indigestion to potential emergencies, such as appendicitis. we’ll take a look at 20 causes of ...