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Paint-to-use-on-wood-table, use traditional latex paint on seldom-used furnishings. this water-based paint is a top choice for infrequently-used furnishings (e.g. entryway tables or stair spindles) since it can be tinted to.... Unfinished wood water-based latex paint with a gloss or semi-gloss sheen works best for furniture that gets a lot of use. it creates an easy-to-clean surface that holds up well. for purely decorative furniture, opt for latex paint with a flat finish., a coat of paint is a fast, economical way to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture. follow these easy instructions on how to prep and paint wood furniture, and get beautiful results..

Choose exterior latex paint for outdoor furniture. latex paint ($20 to $50 per gallon) labeled for exterior use is best for outdoor furniture from wooden or metal patio sets to plastic lounge chairs., when you use the right furniture paint, it’s a no fuss, no mess paint project. unlike chalk paints, you don’t have to paint, distress, paint, distress, paint and wax. in fact, whether you’re painting a piece dark or light, you should only need 2 coats when using a quality furniture paint. it’s available in all the general finishes..

Painting your kitchen table and chairs is a great way to get a new look. it’s also a great way to redecorate on a budget. with a few days, you can have a kitchen set you love and here’s how., brush a thin even coat of topcoat paint over the primed surfaces. for the most durable job, this is the first of two coats on most surfaces, the first of three on the chair seats and the table top..... Painting wood furniture has to be one of the best ways to transform it on a dime (hello, flea market finds!), but sanding it first can be a real pain., chalk paint can be used to paint almost anything — walls, kitchen cabinets, metal, wood, and even fabric — but the most common use is to give new life to old furniture or to make newer pieces look old. the great thing about chalk paint is that there isn’t a huge learning curve or a […].

Evaluate your furniture. take a good look at your furniture and decide if painting or staining is even worth it. you can certainly fix a wobbly chair or repair scratches and dents, but if a chair is rotted or the plastic leg of a table is cracked and falling apart, it may be time for new furniture.