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Paint-trap-for-sink, the gleco trap, marketed and distributed by liquid assets, inc. under license from practicon, is an innovative, inexpensive solution to messy, hard-to-use sink traps. gleco trap provides you with an economical plumbing trap that is easily installed and maintained. the gleco trap is connected below the sink and collects solids in a bottle.. Sink traps are an added cost to your studio, but could save future plumbing costs depending on what you make. if you are doing ceramics, making paper, painting regularly with acrylic paint, or have multiple people using your space i recommend a sink trap. basically, the sink trap catches any material heavier than water., with composite trap body used in lieu of p-trap custom screen sizes available. the plaster sediment trap for sinks is acid resistant coated material makes these some of the longest lasting on the market. designed for dental offices or similar establishments to collect solids such as metal chips, plaster and stones before entering the drain line..

Shop for interceptors & traps in drains & traps. global industrial is a leading distributor of plumbing & pumps supplies. free shipping every day . select products ship free so you can get back to business. learn more > x. take 15% off your entire order! offer applied at checkout., shop sink for paint, oil, etc., does someone make a special plumbing trap to collect paint and oil?.

What you want is what is common in most scene shops; a paint trap. it's in-line with your sink drain and collects paint too solidified to drain safely. they are drum-shaped, and enter waters in the bottom of the drum, then gets pushed through a filter to the top of the drum, which is where the outlet is. this allows the water to naturally filter., zurn manufactures a line of solids and sediment interceptors designed to separate and capture wastewater solids and sediment.

A paint collection tank is designed for the collection of acrylic and oil based paint residue as well as solvents. this tank is really two tanks in one. the first ‘tank’ is partitioned with a series of baffles and pipes specifically arranged to slow the flow of waste water to allow the heavier-than-water paint particles to sink to the bottom., the z1180 solids interceptor comes as an acid resistant composite interceptor to be used in lieu of fixture 'p' trap, for on-floor installation. comes standard with removable pvc sediment bucket and having a removable 3/32 diameter perforated flow defusing/intercepting pvc screen. top access gasketed secure cover for ease of maintenance, with stainless steel draw latches and hardware, and abs ...