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Painting-over-slate-floor, how to paint slate tile. if you want to give your slate tile a brighter color than most glazes can supply, your best option is to paint it. painting slate tile requires more preparation because of its non-porous surface. but with the right.... Homeowners looking for moderately priced natural stone tile have hit the jackpot with slate. available color combinations vary from jet black to greens and cross the spectrum to maroons and purple., if you have an old slate floor, and you don't like the look of it anymore, but you don't want the work and expense of ripping it out, one easy solution is to lay a floating floor over it. floating floors are not attached to the subfloor in any way, but merely sit on top of it..

Painted slate floor in entryway using annie sloan chalk paint in graphite on tiles and french linen in grout lines., painting tile floors seems like a common-sense fix to an ugly tile problem. after all, you can paint an ugly wall or an outdated door—why not paint some floor tiles? when replacing floor tiles is so costly, time-consuming, and messy, a coat of paint seems like the obvious, budget-friendly alternative, but this seemingly obvious diy solution isn’t the fix-all you’d hope for..

Paint would come right off, even hard wearing stuff doesn't last long. i have actually bought a tile scraper and it makes taking tile out a breeze!, set the slate atop newspaper or cardboard outdoors on a calm day or in a well-ventilated area. spray the entire slate by shaking the spray can for a minute or two, then holding it 12 inches or so from the slate.. Hey guys! i hope you find this update on my tile paint helpful, especially if you're thinking of painting some tile yourself! it's been roughly two years since i first painting the laundry and ..., photo by kolin smith. to make the paint adhere better and the finish last longer, sand and clean the floor first. coating the entire floor using the lighter of the two colors as a base coat creates a clean slate for laying out the pattern and acts as a primer for the darker pattern color..

My kitchen and lounge room is one huge space and the floor is 1970's slate tiles. i hate them. any ideas? i love polished concrete but the cost to remove the existing floor scares me. is there anything that can be poured over the top of them without affecting doors too much? thanks cathy.