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Sexy Japanese tradition

In Japan there are a number of phallic deities, which are called “domain”. They are the guardians of roads and village boundaries. Stone statues on the roadside of roads is worshipped by all the travelers. This sculpture of round shape, with a height of several feet.

As he wrote in 1983 track Tokihito, in rural areas there are literally thousands. “Domain” often are a loving couple holding hands. On one of the reliefs you can find the image of two merged in ecstasy tel.

On the Islands just a few charming holidays devoted to fertility. However, the behavior of men, generous and very busy at work on ordinary days, cannot fail to cause amazement.

To celebrate they wore masks, apparently to colleagues did not know, and in outlandish fancy dress. At the festival they show to all men the advantage of using huge dildos, made of papier-mache.

Fun is like at the Orgy. Swinging his artificial members, they chase through the streets after women. Sometimes even men go for this purpose in the house to scare women using dildos (they are usually made of wood). However, the Japanese did not go beyond the bounds of decency.

Deity in rural areas

During the celebrations dedicated to the fertility, the crowd is the streets image of the phallus in a small part. In Nagano at this annual festival exhibiting the phallus of enormous dimensions. This real penis giant weighs over two tons, and it is worn on the streets about a hundred strong men. The holiday is accompanied by riotous merriment and sake.

Kawasaki, located near Tokyo, famous for its unusual temple, which exhibits a huge iron phallus. This temple is dedicated to phallic deity, called “Kanamaru-itself”. In it you can see two metal phallus, standing on a wooden platform, they resemble a two big guns.

Women suffering from infertility come to this temple from all over Japan in the hope that phallic deity help them, and they will be able to have children. Among the many pilgrims and parents whose wish has already been fulfilled.

In the temple is especially crowded in the annual festival dedicated to fertility. Children licking lollies in the form of a penis and chew bananas with “head”, made of pink chocolate. Even the toys here trade during the holiday, have the shape of the male member.

In the temple in Togate there is Japan’s largest collection of erotic talismans. It’s mostly images of the male member. All items were donated to the temple grateful parents who have experienced the joy of paternity and maternity that, in their opinion, was due to beneficial effects of the sacred tree growing in a temple garden.

“Festival of the vagina”

In Japan, attention is paid not only to men’s merits. Women also have their holiday. Every year in Japan in the city of Inuyama, near Nagoya, celebrate a very strange festival, which was called “festival of the vagina”.

On this day, there is a great parade, and the participants show a huge model of the shell, which is the symbolic representation of the vagina of a female deity.

Shell open and close, carrying her through the city streets, and sitting there inside the little girl throws a pink cavity of rice cakes that catch standing in a crowd of people.

An important part of this strange carnival is an exhibition of different items similar to the image of the phallus or the vagina.

The worship of women’s vagina that is believed to cause a particular harmony in the marital relationship. It is also believed that it helps single people to find a partner for marriage, able to treat venereal disease. In the past the woman’s vagina drove away demons.

Joint festival

Every five years in this country is a special ceremony, during which the displayed image, both male and female genitals. It passes all in the same Inuyama. Here deliver deity-the phalluses out of the Temple in Tagete, and images of the female vagina – from Ogata.

During the phallic festivals can showcase the sexual act itself. For example, in Chiba, near Tokyo, vast in size, the wooden phallus is inserted into a giant female vulva, made of straw.

For greater clarity, the audience poured the image of a female sexual organ strong milky color “sake”, called “doburoku”. In short, why not have some fun?