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Sweden – holiday Matsuri Hadak.

Sweden – the feast of Hadak Matsuri.

Holidays around the world.

On this day, thousands of men only a loincloth, take to the streets of cities and villages to catch up and touch a completely naked man. In Japan there is a belief that everyone who touches a Nude man, get rid of all your troubles, sorrows and sins.

In the celebration involved only men, who are aged between 23 to 43 years. It is believed that this age for men is the most dangerous. During this period they are most likely to commit various follies and sinful acts.

Women on holiday access is strictly closed. Only some of the fair sex can take part in the role of drummers, because the whole celebration, from beginning to end accompanied by drumbeats, which introduces men to the excitement, causing a huge adrenaline rush.

Before the holiday takes place the day of the elections, which elect a Naked man, shintoko. This is reminiscent of the madness, where thousands of half-naked men, sometimes drunk, as February is quite a cold time of year in Japan, plunge into the cold waters of rivers, lakes and reservoirs to undergo a cleansing ritual, and then run screaming around the temple to keep warm. At midnight they in real sense of the word tumble in the temple, where the priest in the crowd throws some phallic symbol. The one who will catch it and be able to hold in the hands, declares a Naked man. Make it pretty difficult, as the whole crowd rushes to the owner of the caught character, hoping to snatch it from his hands.

In addition, to the naked man has a lot of requirements. Chief among them is a healthy, muscular body and no tattoos on the body.

For a more civilized election of the hero of the celebration in most towns and villages use a lot. He who pulls the lucky ticket – elected by a Naked man. From this moment he begins to carefully prepare for the holiday. Using sacred rituals, he purified the body and mind. After 10 days of cleansing, he leaves the monastery and stopped communicating with the outside world. He is allowed to eat only rice porridge and to drink water. The day before the holiday he shaves all the vegetation on the body except eyebrows.

While a Naked man is preparing for the holiday, the priests collect the notes and wishes from people on pieces of fabric that will not be able to participate in the celebration but want to get rid of sins and to bring good luck. These special pieces turns around the pole that is placed in the most conspicuous place in the temple. Already on the day of the feast, sinatora, with glowing paper lamps that you received from the priest, making three laps around the pole, wishing everyone all the best. If this action is extinguished at least one torch, for the people who have left notes, year be unsuccessful.

At the appointed time, the men in loincloths waiting for a Naked man. No one knows the hour he will appear. Once notice him, catches him maddened crowd. Everyone tries to touch him. Kanatoko around are the guards who try to restrain the crowd. The most zealous have to pour cold water. After a few hours of such pressure, a naked man just out of breath. He’s all covered with abrasions and bruises. To maintain it in good shape, kanatoko dipped in a specially prepared bath. Sometimes you have to resort to the help of doctors. He needs to run three laps, all the while dodging and fighting off the crowds. At the finish, he just falls without strength.

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