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Symbols of China and their meaning

Symbols of China and their meaning

Any state of the modern world has one or other of their own characters, an official from the category of heraldic and national – sometimes mythical, of those that are somehow connected with folklore, history and culture, recognized or not, and often even once imposed from the outside and eventually became very real and far more familiar stereotypes for foreigners.


Images of Lotus widespread in Chinese painting. The Chinese believe that this flower is rubbed in Paradise, in the sky, and therefore, the Lotus is revered as a sacred plant. The Lotus flower represents perfection, is a symbol of spiritual unfoldment, purity, fertility and chastity. By the way, these amazing plants listed in the Red book. Generally in China, the Lotus flower is quite popular, and how because even the Great Buddha of its incarnations usually sits on this wonderful plant.

Chinese characters and their meaning

Kanji symbol “power” which is a kind of inner core-strengthening the spirit that empowers and, as a consequence of increasing authority. In order for this character “earned”, it is necessary to draw on a sheet of paper and carry it in the left pocket.

Kanji “Love” Using the “love” of the character, you can attract into your life true feelings. Couples hieroglyph of love helps to create family harmony and mutual understanding between two loving people.

Tattoo Chinese characters

Kanji can be quite simple to implement and to understand. Many people choose as a tattoo small labels that have only the value directly to their owner. Among the most usual words, everyone can choose something that fits his credo.

Symbol of luck and wealth in China

Bamboo. Symbolizes strength and longevity. Bamboo is the Chinese symbol of strength. The Chinese admire the qualities of bamboo, which grows quickly and becomes very resistant to external irritants. It is believed that a real man should be strong mentally and very persistent, even if you do not have enough physical strength, i.e., to possess similar qualities of bamboo.

Figurine “Happy cat” A symbol of good luck and wealth. This symbol, in the form of figurines, came to China from Japan. There he’s called “Maneki-neko” (Beckoning cat). The symbol is used for themselves or for business. If a cat raises his left paw attracts customers to the store or the office. Raised right paw means attracting luck and money to its owner. The statuette usually powered by batteries or solar energy.

Draco. In Chinese culture has always been considered that the animal has the power and ability to control and change the climate, including solar, wind, precipitation and clouds. Therefore, in accordance with ancient Chinese science have the symbol of the serpent at home or in the workplace should people engaged in agricultural business, as well as those whose work depends on the climate. In addition, the dragon is also a symbol of wealth, success and prosperity. It is believed that people having at home or in the office of a dragon holding in the paws a crystal or gem will be awarded not only power, but also with money and luck. According to Feng Shui the serpent represents the Yang – a strong masculine energy, so the dragon in Feng Shui symbolizes creativity and activity. It should be kept in areas related to work or in places with high energy, as this increases the chances of success and prosperity. The dragon is also a symbol for the number nine, which is considered a sign of good luck. That is why many people place in their homes it with the number nine. In addition, it symbolizes abundance, protection and immorality. It is used for bringing stability in love and marriage. It is believed that the placement of the statues near the Phoenix ensures a long, happy life.

The rune FA. The rune FA taken from runes of the alphabet used in Germanic languages before people switched to the Latin alphabet. FA (or Fehu) means cattle or sheep, the abundance of which in old times was considered a symbol of wealth. The Norwegians were wise people and believed that wealth is evil when it just accumulates. Instead, it was believed that wealth should be distributed among those who need it that required a constant flow. “Wealth is a comfort to everyone, but everyone should bestow it freely, if he wants to gain honor in the eyes of God” — that is the truth which they preached.

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