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The book tells about the history of Korean theatre, its development, about people whose talents and selfless work, the theatre has managed to survive the difficult years and reach those heights that we are proud of today. The reader acquainted with the idols that remained in the memory of grateful spectators, as well as with artists who are pleasing to your creativity new generation of viewers.

The 75th anniversary of the Republican state Korean theatre of musical Comedy dedicated.


In 2007, a Korean theater celebrates 75 years. Throughout its activities, the theatre was the cultural center of the Korean Diaspora as ethno-cultural phenomenon that has developed as a result of a particular historical process.

This is a unique creative body, which employs the fourth generation of Korean artists.

In the professional theatre concentrated forces representing the main genres of art, the national folklore ensemble “Samulnori”, ballet, traditional Korean dance, solo singers and the basis of theatre — a theatre group.

A diverse range of theatre: from drama performances to traditional folk performances, such as “Chuseok”, “Ovol Tano”, concerts, modern variety show. The repertoire of the Korean theater was built taking into account the cultural needs of the Diaspora as an integral part of Kazakh culture.

For years of existence of theatre in its performances have been more than 5 million viewers, staged more than 250 performances and concerts.

For contribution to development of theatrical art of the Korean theatre was awarded the high state award — the order “Badge of Honor”, has many diplomas and diplomas, including international.

Five artists of the theatre was awarded the high title of people’s artist, nine — the honored worker of arts, one of the honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the seventeen — honored artist.

The expression on Anatoly Kim, a famous Russian writer, “theatre remains the spiritual guardian of the past, represents the world of the people among whom we live today, our Korean soul, its beauty, depth, subtlety and charm. ”

Clearly thought-out, systematic government support of the theatre gave the Korean Diaspora a unique opportunity to have a cultural centre, which not only preserves but also develops a culture of Koreans living in multiethnic environment.

And today, in spite of its venerable age, the theatre is full of hopes, anxieties and expectations.

In the 75 year anniversary of the theater I thank everyone who has supported the staff of the national theatre, who is sympathetic to our problems, who was not indifferent to us, who clearly expressed civil position in culture — all of you, our dear friends, for what you have helped us to live in this restless, desperate, and sometimes bitter yet intoxicating life, which is Theatre.

The theatre always received the support of both the Korean public organisations and from private individuals.

All of them I Express sincere appreciation for the understanding of the role of the national theatre in the preservation of ethnic culture of Koreans and a real help to the creative team and the world’s only professional state of the Korean theatre, 75 years of successful outside their historical homeland.

On behalf of the theatre, I offer deep gratitude to:

The Tsai Yuri Andreevich, the President of the Association of Koreans in Kazakhstan — priority support for theatre;

Ochanomizu Kim Roman, Vice President of ACC for a responsible and consistent attitude to theatre;

Athanasius G. Kim, the President of public Fund “noin just Bark” for their tireless enthusiasm and loyalty to Korean culture;

We Oleg, the President of the Corporation “Kuat” for systemic financial and moral support for the theatre;

Choi Ella Andreevna, the chief editor of the Korean national TV channel “Kazakhstan” — for objectivity in the work and dedication;

Bus Bronislaw S., President, ECNC for a fair assessment of the role of theatre in society;

Anatoly Andreevich Kim — writer, Kadyrov the mayor of Nasyrovich — criticism, Choi young-Geun the — playwright, Stanislaw Lee — poet, Kanu, Georgy Vasilyevich — doctor of historical Sciences, Professor; Oleg Lee Safronovich — the honored worker of arts, Director — for their understanding and support;

Stanislav Ogay Hidanovic — businessman, Tsoi Viktor Evgenievich — President of the Corporation “AK Auyl”, the Cai Konstantin Safronovich — businessman, Ten Zinaida Yakovlevna — Director of the publishing company “Rarity” — for civil position in the national culture;

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Kazakhstan, the Ambassador Tae Seok Bong, Ambassador Kim Il-soo, the Advisor to the Minister Lee Seok-BAE — for your sincere interest and support of the theatre;

Public Association of Koreans of Russia, the President Vasily TSO KLO, KLO Executive Director Vyacheslav Kim, General Vladimir Ilyich Cai, businessman Oleg Kim, Tomsk, Kim Igor Vladimirovich, Novosibirsk, Russia — solidarity and love for national culture.

All ACC branches in the regions, all those who had been with the Theatre.

Director of the Korean theatre of drama and musical Comedy