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The main reason and importance of the separation of North and South Korea

As you know, all Koreans, regardless of their beliefs, to seek the unification of Korea. What was the main reason for the division of Korea? I don’t think an invasion of North Korean forces, which began on 25 June 1950, led to such disastrous results. Let’s try to penetrate deep into the heart of this conflict. The origins of this problem lie in the fact that after the second world war, the world is not United. In the end, Providence was prolonged again. (48-141)

Our country was divided into North and South due to the fact that after Korea’s liberation on 15 August 1945 of the Christian Church did not unite with me. Korean Christians and all the people made against me. Earthly Christian Church and our country has not coped with its task, so Korean country split into North and South Korea. (165-298)

God deeply regrets the separation of North and South Korea and between them establishing a demilitarized zone along the 38th parallel. God is even more sad that after the liberation of Korea, our people failed to understand and implement God’s will. (45-159)

If God wishes to come true, then immediately after the liberation of Korea traditional Church would know the will of God and all Koreans would have followed me. Alas, this did not happen. If the story developed properly, a demilitarized zone along the 38th parallel would not block the way. Moreover, the Soviet Union disintegrated long ago. On 11 April 1951, U.S. President Harry Truman ousted General Mac-Arthur, and immediately after this began the retreat of the democratic forces in Korea. If America had followed MacArthur, in September of the same year the army of the Republic of Korea would have reached the borders of Russia and Manchuria. In this case, Korea would have received all the benefits that eventually went to Japan. Strengthened its position in the world, the Koreans are justifiably proud. However, events took quite a different turn: humanity wandered along winding paths, until you got in the current predicament.

In the future our Movement will affect the situation in the world. All tremendous changes in the world arena I directly correlate our activities. Maybe you don’t quite understand what I mean, but the dispensation for restoration is moving in this direction. (81-231)

In light of the current situation of the ideological currents of the left and right wing parties took an unusual form in Korea. Take, for example, Tour. This name has interesting meaning. (July 27, 1953 in Panmunjom signed an armistice agreement between North and South Korea. In this village there are regular meetings of representatives of the two countries. Tour means “Wood gates” or “Gates of the North and the South.” However, this name can be translated otherwise: “the words written on the Board” (i.e., “ideological debates”. — Approx. transl.) You ever thought about it? Savvy people will no doubt pay attention to it and reflect. You will make a lot of his speculations. Tour is a complex issue that has emerged is not only the fault of our people. This town has become the focal point (the point on which attention is focused. — Approx. ed.) . which intersect the global ideological current. (13-45)

50 kilometers North of here there is a place where free democratic world opposes the evil and cruel Communist world headed by the “dear leader” Kim Il-Sung. One of these worlds God recognizes, second, on the contrary, denies Its existence. These two worlds, the border between which passes on the Korean Peninsula, differ from each other as heaven and earth. The Korean Peninsula is a miniature model of the world. Korea is a point of confrontation between freedom and dictatorship, good and evil, democracy and communism. (168-235)

The confrontation between North and South Korea reflects the contradictions that are tearing apart our world. Antagonism between the Communist and the democratic block should be settled on the 38th parallel. Day, when Hellenism and Hebraism’ humanitarianism and providential religious ideology will come into balance in their relationships, will be the starting point of the last days.

What is a Tour? Tour passes through the demarcation line between two worlds, between the democratic and Communist world that oppose each other. However, from the point of view of divine Providence, the struggle is between Satan and the Heavenly world. In Korea this clash took its most acute form. (15.01.1984)

The problem of North and South Korea represents more than the conflict between Kim Il Sung and the presidential administration. Korea has become the focal point of confrontation between the humanitarianism and religious worldview of Hellenism and Hebraism and some other ideological currents. In Korea the last battle occurs between the theocentric and the materialistic worldview. This conflict affects the interests of not only the Korean people but all over the world. In the highest sense, our country has become an arena of struggle between the good God Jehovah and Satan the Prince of evil.