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The Most bizarre sexual traditions of our world

I suggest you look at interesting, strange and unusual sex practices of several countries.


On a deserted Tibetan territories was practiced something similar, but here the girl could not marry until, until you get 20 lovers. In small tribes, where almost all had each other’s relatives, to realize this was impossible, so becoming a bride, she went to the feat. Alone or together with his mother she came out on the road though occasionally passed the travelers, and offered a night of love in exchange for a small gift. By the way, to collect these Souvenirs the girls told me not greed and accountability, the return to the tribe the elders had to demonstrate not less than twenty gifts. However, it affected not only unmarried girls, but also quite family ladies. Any guest of the tribe, who drew attention to the wife of the owner of the house had a right to spend the night with her, and most of the tribe is promised prosperity and wealth.


In Sumatra there is a tribe BATT, the men in which are extremely sensitive to this issue. In order to impress a woman, they reinforce their dignity pebbles, shells, pieces of metal or bone. It is believed that these materials enhance men’s fortitude and women leave unforgettable memories.


About the traditions of this loving nation not for nothing written entire treatises. Of course, all their habits are not preserved even in the Kama Sutra or on the walls of the famous Khajuraho temple, but there are some which are worth mentioning separately. For example, in order to deliver your partner maximum pleasure, hardy Indian men adorned themselves with piercings made of gold, ivory, precious stones. Called these rings “apadravya” and naveshivanii on “jade wand” in incredible quantities. But the ancient analogue of a condom with pimples can be considered a hollow wooden tube, covered with knobs called “alaca”. Don’t forget the Indians and about the esthetic side of the question – the dress code is a good lover required him to decorate the organ of love a shining flower.


The most incredible of the victims were men of the tribe tapinoma. To surprise his darling with the exceptional power and natural endowments, they went to the jungle and the first thing impressed her naked body of poisonous snakes. Their bite caused swelling and decreased sensitivity, after which the happy lover was racing to impress a lady. However, there have been cases where the snake venom was too strong and unlucky herpetologist fell down dead.


Despite the Patriarchal structure of society, the sexual life of Korean women have learned to defend their rights. Jewelry masters are made of a special Golden needles, injections which, according to the local resident, able to awaken in man the fading ardor. If this is unknown, but each couple with experience there is one or several of these stimulants. By the way, for maximum effect, stabbing taken as close to the area requiring stimulation.


But the herders from the harsh Alaskan practiced another way. They are in every long hike or multi-day hunt took one of the women of the tribe, and she was a wife all at once. With maximum thrift and sexuality, the woman earned fame as a great wife, and from going back, usually already pregnant. By the way, even those men who in this way is not going to, actively offered their spouse as gambling, may in order to boast the beloved, and maybe just in silence on the skins to lie.


By the way, another new sexy tradition, which appeared in Cologne can be considered what happens there during the festival. For several days, all guests and participants, continuously being in a state of intoxication, approaching the opposite sex and invite him to become better acquainted. And to place such acquaintance can in the nearest square, and to clarify the name of his partner is not considered mandatory. By the way, the residents of Cologne fell out of love with your festival because of this, and try to leave the city on these days.