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The Most unusual sights in Japan

Japan – an amazing country full of mystery, suspense fascinating and profound philosophy, is often not understood by the person of other nationality. In the land of the rising sun merge together East and West, huge megacities and small villages, stone jungle cities and exquisite Buddhist temples. In such a diverse country there are many unusual places. Find out what attractions of Japan’s most interesting and unusual.

1. The Ashikaga flower Park is located in the homonymous town in the province of Tochigi. The Park has an area of about 20.3 ha, and all this space is occupied by Wisteria. During flowering, this place turns into a fascinating flower country, as if written off from the pages of «Alice in Wonderland” by L. Carroll. The Park features several dozen species of these plants which flowering occurs sequentially, starting from the month of may. Similar sites of Japan attract many tourists, do not miss You chance to visit the flower country.

2. Tours in Tokyo will give You a unique opportunity to visit the Museum of the river Sumida. Residents love the river, and in her honor they erected a Museum which contains paintings, documents, murals depicting life Sumida. It is truly national-the colorful place.

3. Unusual sights of Tokyo – and this is Tsukiji fish market, one of the largest markets in the world. Endless rows of shopping offer customers six-foot tuna, shellfish and a great many other products. The market is concentrated about 90% of all wholesale seafood in Japan.

4. Art lovers will appreciate the Japanese theatre But. It is a theatre course has been developed in 1375 in the city of Nara. This genre has influenced other forms of Japanese art. Attending a performance of Noh theater, you can feel the energy of this action.

5. Amazing natural attractions in Japan located in Oita / Beppu. Blue spring Sea Hell, the Bloody pond with the red water or the lake with mud muck – all of these hot springs can be seen in Beppu. In such places the steam goes through every crack, and it seems like the whole town is fried in a skillet.

6. The cherry blossoms in Japan – one of the most important rituals. Sakura begins to bloom in early spring; flowering occurs in stages from North to South of the country, from Okinawa to Hokkaido. During the flowering Sakura in Japan held traditional weekend – Golden week – at this time the Japanese go camping and have picnics right under the blooming trees.

7. Okinawa island is known as a sacred place of SEF-Utaki. It represents the grotto in the shape of a triangle in gigantic rocks. There is a belief that came down here earlier only the women-reapers. In 2000 this natural object was taken under protection of UNESCO.

8. The attractions of Japan is the awesome shiraito falls. Literally the name translates as “white thread”. The name waterfall received for his giant 70 meters in width, while its height is only 3 meters. Water seeps from rock crevices, and a plurality of thin jets of white cloth fall – a fascinating spectacle!

9. Considering the unusual sights of Japan . worth mentioning is the castle of the White Herons. Its name he received for the amazing exact shape and graceful lines. High whitewashed walls of the building are decorated with numerous embrasures and battlements. Around the castle is a labyrinth, which in ancient times was used to protect from enemies. White Heron castle is often used for filming.

10. Another Japanese tradition – the hunt for Momiji. It’s a ritual of contemplation of the beauty of autumn trees. Unearthly beauty autumn forest – this is another attraction and the pride of Japan. The Momiji season lasts about 2 months.