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The new year tradition of cleaning the house

New year’s tradition of cleaning the house

In this article, you will learn how the preparation for the new year in different countries, and the importance given to the training home. Our company will be happy to assist you for cleaning your room and clean to celebrate the new year.

New year in Thai

In the last days of December, the eve of the New year, the Thai people are beginning to prepare their homes for the meeting of the General holiday cleaning, which stretched for two days to the new year of life were included in net housing in the future is not overshadowed by anything. Although Western New year sample is not a purely Thai tradition, this holiday is ideal citizens are no less responsible than the traditional Thai New year – Songkran, coming in April. Despite the fact that the European New year has brought many European traditions of his celebration, however, Thai society has retained ancient rituals, which consist in the careful preparation of the home, its cleaning in the rituals – Tham boon so bat – gaining of merit through alms to the monks, Phra song us – pouring water on the hands of monks and Buddha images Pete Thong Wai Phra – imposition of the gold leaf on Buddha statues, as well as in rendering honors to the parents, listening to instructions, release fish and birds at will, and in greeting each other with wishes of health, luck and all the best. It is customary to send greeting cards to relatives and friends. And, of course, the celebration is accompanied by various performances, concerts, folk festivals, fireworks, all sorts of gifts, not just the traditional feast. This is particularly evident in the provinces. Tourists in the places of their dense concentration, unfortunately, only offer standard European set.

Japanese new year traditions

Preparing for the New Year is all of December and it includes the internal cleaning houses and decorating the entrance with pine and bamboo twigs, making rice bread. Cleaning is required thirteenth of December. Clean house with great care, since this is connected with a mystical ritual.

There are many different customs and beliefs on the subject of housing service in the new year. An example is Suzuhara — ritual of cleaning the home which is held on the 13th of 12 months, after which a bamboo whisk tied to the bar and there it is stored until next year.

Like us, the Japanese, the New Year also put the Christmas tree, but decorate it with toys and exotic plants growing on the Islands. The stores are beginning to sell chests filled with different and delicious sweets that are very different from our idea of confectionery.

Tradition of celebrating the Chinese New year

Heavy all homework must be completed before the holiday. By long tradition, in the homes of Chinese in the days before the New year comes cleaning, thorough as ever. Wash the window. From all corners’s get ‘ em the garbage and trash, and with them traces of evil spirits, to make room for happiness the next year.

On the eve of the Spring festival buildings in towns and villages are decorated with paired labels (conlang). This is the scrolls of red paper with different wishes. As a rule, the inscriptions on a red background black or Golden color. Red and gold colors that reign on the streets these days – are also symbols of happiness and prosperity. Indoors usually pasting new year pictures, a kind of popular prints which adorn traditional new year wishes. By the way, if You go to Chinese these days, You can see that they are also festively decorated.

On the night of the New year ( “Chusi”), the whole family gathers together. They’re getting rich dinner. Many families are not sleeping through the night. It is very important not to lose their happiness. In Chinese this is called “shousui” ( to protect year). In some ways, this is akin to Russian Christmas traditions. For over a thousand years, from the beginning of the song dynasty, the Chinese believe that new year vigil in the night prolongs life. Go for a meal leisurely conversations, someone is watching TV, other companies prefer cards or a game of “Mahjong”. Young people very often pours into the street, where all night long sound the sound of firecrackers.