National holidays of China
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National holidays of China

The rich history of the Middle Kingdom contributed to the accumulation of serious cultural baggage. The Chinese loudly celebrate various festivals that carry both ancient traditions and everyday habits of the people. For some citizens, holidays are International Women’s Day (March 8, half a day off for women), Youth Day (May 4, half a day […]

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Japanese popular music

Japanese folk music is quite original phenomenon owing to the isolation of the Islands of the Rising Sun and careful attitude of the people inhabiting them to their culture. Consider first some Japanese folk musical instruments, and then characteristic of the musical culture of that country genres. Japanese folk musical instruments Shamisen is one of […]

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Korean Associaciya Paper.

Training of teachers Studio in South Korea In 2008, the St. Petersburg Korean youth cultural center (head Lee Natalia Erikovna) organized a two-month internship Selezneva Elena and Tatiana Vasenina in a paper heart art in South Korea – the province of Chengo, Jeonbuk University (lifelong Education Center). Curator of education two of our teachers became […]