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We told you about the weird Japanese games

Dating with pigeons, a parade of naked bodybuilders and shoving in the anus — we present to your attention the most bizarre of representatives of the Japanese gaming industry

A couple of months ago we wrote about Japanese gaming culture, where the latest technology mixed with pornography, and love for the game character seriously capable to replace personal life.

Now is the time to re-dip, only this time in Japanese virtual world of entertainment. Some of the games presented here was released only in Japan, but some, like Hatoful Boyfriend, you can play in English.

Hatoful Boyfriend

A visual novel about Dating pigeons. Yes, you heard right. The main character is the only person admitted to St. PigeoNation’s Institute, an elite school for birds. Now she needs to earn the respect of the feathery fellow students, a good reputation in teaching and, of course, to find a boyfriend-a pigeon.

If you close your eyes at the absurdity of the bands, to check Hatoful Boyfriend will be much deeper than most simulation Dating: there’s witty dialogue, branching story with lots of endings and even a scary mystery to be solve in between socializing with the birds. In Japan, Hatoful Boyfriend is so popular that it spawned a comic book based on, animated series, manga and what not. And in early September released an English version of the game you can buy it on Steam.

Onsei Kanjou Sokuteiki: Kokoro Scan

If Hatoful Boyfriend suddenly seemed too normal for Japanese games, take a look at this project for the Nintendo DS. Bears on bicycles, mustachioed man, terebesi on her nipples, and people with hearts instead of faces — don’t even try to find sense of it all.

It, no full game play: Kokoro Scan — something like “mood Scanner” in your smartphone, only for money. The game can scan your voice recorded with the microphone, and “analyzing” it, gives the result in the form of five scales: anger, joy, frustration, adequacy of perception and excitation. It can also serve as a portable lie detector: in one of the modes you propose to pronounce a set of five words, Kokoro Scan and then chooses the one that fits your “real intentions”. What have the bears — nobody knows.

Japan World Cup 3

Probably you’ve already seen stills from this browser game: about a year ago Japan World Cup found in the West, and casters instantly spread across the network. Technically it’s a racing simulator, which features a racetrack and betting. But the similarities end with these races.

Instead of jockeys on noble steeds of the drosky jumping naked man on the Dachshund, a walrus, a Trojan horse, a Yeti and a bizarre mechanical structures. Deserve special mention incredibly emotional commentators that are sure to make you laugh even a person who has not heard the Japanese speech. By the way, as Kokoro Scan Japan World Cup is almost devoid of gameplay: the player only bet on the favourite participant, affect his result does not. But the races themselves so pleased the Japanese that all possible scenarios even released on DVD three.

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga

Before opening the door to amazing world of Japanese arcades, you need to make a small clarification. Among Teens popular Japanese game called “Kancho”: hooligans run up to your unsuspecting victim and poke her two fingers into the anus. If the bully and the victim knows, the offended should soon be sure to return the favor, otherwise the reputation of “sucker” to fixate on him for many years.

Now, for this game, imagine has its own slot game called Boong-Ga Boong-Ga. This full-sized machine is attached with a plastic ass, sorry, clearly marked with the anus, where the player must attempt to hit. Given a choice of eight victims, including ex-girlfriend, the pedophile and the mother.

Muscle March

Muscle March is probably the most crazy game for Wii ever created. The plot (if that word even applies in this context) is simple, as twenty push-UPS: bullies stole protein, and now they flee their abuser jib, smashing concrete walls, wagging her ass pumped and periodically assuming threatening poses. Sometimes some of them glimpsed a white bear in the orange shorts and the tiny alien riding a flying saucer. All this is intolerable to the accompaniment of Japanese pop music. Now you’ve seen everything in this life.