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Wedding gifts in the East

In the East, as now it has become fashionable in Russia, it is customary to give money at the wedding . This is understandable, difficult to predict the usefulness of a thing for the new family. And for the bride to hold a large post-wedding shopping, choosing quality items for his young family, a pleasure. However, each Eastern country has its own nuances and featuresof a wedding gift.

In Japan, it is customary to give gifts not only to the newlyweds but also the guests, and it is not funny funny stuff, but real useful gifts that we give young guests to the wedding. In Japan all the big stores have departments specializing in the sale of various gift sets and gift package.

Usually in Japan, wedding give a check or envelope with cash. Typically a monetary amount is 200-300 dollars among friends and acquaintances, and relatives of the newlyweds can give 10 thousand dollars.

Any Japanese wedding, and as the Russian, begins with the fact that each of the guests coming to the young and gives flowers and signed cash envelopes. But, seeing off guests, Japanese couple give each of them an impressive gift as a token of gratitude and respect for what the guest spent their time, pleased with your presence young and shared with them the joy.

Since Japan developed the tradition of betrothal, gifts are not only for wedding, but the betrothal. The bride and groom exchange wedding rings. Honeymooners, families also exchange gifts. The groom gives the bride a gold or platinum ring with diamond, the cost of which can reach 5 thousand dollars. If funds do not allow to make such a gift, you can do a ring with stones-a symbol of the sign of the zodiac of the bride. The bride also gives the groom a ring, but much more modest in its cost. The bride’s family presented the money to offset the costs of the wedding.

On the Chinese wedding, as well as Japanese, decided to give money and only money. The amount of money depends on the degree of kinship of the guests to the newlyweds. If they are relatives, then the amount of 500-1000 yuan, but usually 1,000 yuan from the family. Very close friends usually give at least 300 yuan. Friends give from 100 to 300 yuan. Colleagues, co-workers, neighbors, classmates basically give about 100 yuan each. It is customary to give money in red envelopes that you can buy in any stationery shop or at the markets.

According to ancient Chinese tradition it is believed that a gift should be presented with a roasted pig, which is presented by the groom’s family to the bride’s family. This gift in the wedding ceremony and today is considered one of the obligatory gifts.

In Vietnamese weddings, there is one interesting feature – the front of the restaurant or cafe, where will be celebrated the wedding, put a box for gifts. And all who enter can put your gift in it if you do not want to personally congratulate the newlyweds.

In Vietnamese weddings, unlike Japanese or Chinese, it is customary to give not only money. You can give the newlyweds a Golden picture. And the paintings are made: velvet fabric red color three-dimensional image is applied layers of gold foil (gold leaf) of 999.9. Do these precious little things on a solid basis and kept behind glass, protecting them from dust and other external factors.

As images for a wedding is usually chosen by the dragon and Phoenix, symbols of good luck and happiness.

Nepali wedding as gifts to give money is not accepted. The newlyweds usually give a variety of jewelry or clothing.

In Korea, their customs and their calculation. As a gift the couple will receive money too. But hand your gift personally don’t, and put the envelope with the money when you log on to a special table and sign your name on the guest list. The envelope should be signed by that the couples could appreciate the generosity of each guest.

Malaysia has a tradition the groom gives gifts to the children from the family of the bride. This can be a variety of sweets and treats on trays and decorated with flowers beautifully arranged by special laws. In addition, at the wedding each guest is given away in Malaysia the elaborately decorated egg. The beautifully decorated egg is a symbol of abundance. Malaysian wedding traditions are very beautiful and are a spectacular sight. They have their origins in antiquity. Europeans can learn a lot from Malaysians – love, honor, and respect of others.