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What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a common name for Korean martial arts. Now in Korea there are five main systems of Taekwondo, which branch off from the new, represented by the masters, developing his own interpretation of these systems. Taekwondo schools so much that all would be very difficult to list. The world’s most popular sport version of the system. In Western countries usually use the term “Taekwondo”, but in Russian transcription is more correct is “Taekwondo”.

In 1910-1945, Korea was a colony of Japan. The colonial regime was expressed, in particular, in the purposeful suppression of the national elements in all spheres of culture – from poetry and content of school education to traditional symbolism and combat systems, forced underground for 35 years.

The liberation of Korea after world war II was the end of the ban on martial arts training. Since 1945, the first Korean masters began to return to Seoul and teach their own system (Kwan). The style of each of them reflect the features of the founder. The largest source Kwan were: Chang Moo Kwan (martial art Shining), To Chee Kwan (Wisdom arts), Cannes Doo Kwon (Institute of moral development), Sung Moo Kwan (Green wave), Moo Doo Kwan (Noble martial art).

Kwan organization contributed to the rise of interest in martial arts in Korea. In 1949, the martial art was formed under the title of tansudo, was established the Korean national Association of tansudo. Unfortunately, the development of martial arts was suspended on 25 June 1950, beginning the Korean war. Before the war the older pupils managed to obtain first, second and third are given.

In 1958, General Choi Hong Hee was appointed to lead the South Korean military delegation heading to Vietnam with the program of demonstration performances on tansudo. For these demonstrations of General Choi came up with several new forms (complexes) – tan-gun and to-San. A new system, intended primarily for military personnel, General Choi was About To call Kwan (Art of enlightenment).

In 1961, shortly after coming to power, the head of the new military government of General Park Chul Hee has decided to terminate the existence of separate military systems and to integrate systems Kwan, at the conference of representatives of Chvanov it was decided to create a single combat system, which represented the “spirit of the nation” and rename tansudo in tesudo. Immediately founded the Association of tesudo that were part of the Korean Union of athletes-fans. To create a new merged system of 9 “new” schools that emerged after the war.

General Choi Hong-Hee transformed (in 1955) the phrase “so Kyung” (great knowledge) to daquon, and then in Taekwondo the way of foot and fist, and convinced the President of South Korea to approve the proposed name as the official name for unified style. Soon tesuda the Association was renamed the Korean Taekwondo Association. General Choi Hong Hi continued to develop new systems (forms) – “Toul” and introduced into the South Korean army. However, the master, who was in the service in the army, refused new forms, and continued to develop old. In 1966 Choi has established the Seoul International Taekwondo Federation (ITF). Later the government, which was headed by Park Chul Hee, Choi was banished from South Korea. Choi found political asylum in Canada, where and moved the headquarters of ITF. International Taekwondo Federation announced Choi Hong Hi father of Taekwondo, ignoring the role of other masters (the founders of Chvanov). Choi began to develop and spread their own system, trying to cover up the true history and traditions.

It continued to exist, the public organization of the Korean Taekwondo Association, for its part, has sought to standardize the practice of Taekwondo in South Korea. The first step to the final consolidation of Chvanov was the rejection of traditional forms. In return, the Korean Taekwondo Association, we have developed new forms “poomsae” – the Cortex, the Kumgan, Gita and others, who in 1967 became the program of certification for black belt.

In December 1972, the Korean Taekwondo Association has developed Palgwe forms, and later forms Teguc. In the same year was built the Academic school Kukkiwon (chamber of the state machinery). 25 may 1973 it was the first world championship, and three days later leading members of the Korean Taekwondo Association established the world Taekwondo Federation (WTF), etc. headed by Kim UN Yong.

Now WTF Taekwondo is an Olympic sport, the world Taekwondo Federation has branches in 157 countries. She has about 40 million athletes, including more than half a million in the South Korea.

In 2005, the world Federation headed by Cho Jung-Won. The new WTF President is a figure in the world Taekwondo famous. In 1983 he founded a special Department of this sport at the University of Kenkhi, unique in its kind. Cho Jung Eun also took part in the opening of the International Taekwondo Academy (1995) at the same University and International research Institute of Taekwondo (2002). Since 1999 he was a member of the Executive Committee of the Korean Taekwondo Association, from 1997 to 2003 served as rector of the University of Kenkhi. In 2006-2007. WTF made a complete innovation: developing a new form, electronic gear, changed the emblem of the Federation, etc September 4, the day became the official day of Taekwondo since 2006.